Holistic Therapies

Wayra Astrae provides different holistic therapies for everyone who wants to go beyond the physical pain, who wants to grow as a person, who is looking to understand the real reason 'Why you are here".

Many physical and psychical disorders are the result of not expressing your real self or are a karmic learning process. This is not fated, you can work with the real reason behind physical or mental condition and apply help from the plant world and from the spiritual world.

We believe in the power of holistic healing and healing from within.

We believe in finding the reason(s) why we have certain struggles and that the only way to heal is to see the ‘whole’ version of ourselves.

Holistic Therapies

Free Discovery Session

We invite you to a talk about your subject. How are you now? During this session we will assess the major areas of your life through your Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit. We will identify where you are feeling blocked or stuck in life, where you may have some hidden self-limiting beliefs that may be [...]

Shamanic Therapy

Shamanic Therapy When you are in search for answers why certain situation and experiences repeat itself over and over, when you feel blocked, reached an end of a lane, when you are sad without a concrete reason or any other situation that you want to get out of but do not know how, look into [...]

Tie Cutting

Tie Cutting Want to be free from old conditioning, from a behavior that is not helping you in present times? We are reconnecting in the present life with many people that we have spent lifes before. Our relations are subject to previous conditioning and life experiences. Often we behave according to situations we went through [...]

Experiential Astrology

Experiential Astrology You probably know that your chart shows the energetic blue print that you came in this world with and it shows the direction you want to take and the learning you want to do in your life. One method - out of many - to understand a bit better the dynamics you chose [...]

Karmic Astrology

Karmic astrology reading When you want your chart to be read, you usually come with clear questions. If that question is about your life, especially ‘why you are here?’ ‘what is the purpose you came in the first place?’, or also more specific questions that concern all your life here, we recommend a karmic chart [...]

Mayan Astrology

Mayan Astrology Everyone of us comes to Earth having a unique mission to fulfill, and no one else can fulfill this. A Mayan chart reading is a profound method to understand your own essence and the target you were coming with on Mother Earth. In other words, it is an instrument of profound insight into [...]

Art Therapy

Private Art Therapy sessions What you create outside is recreated inside you. Art Therapy is an active form of therapy that views the creation of a therapeutic session as a process of self-revelation, awareness, but also reinvention, self-recreation and finding new creative ways of action. In an Art Therapy session you will see, experience and [...]

Coaching Session

Individual Coaching Session Sometimes we do not see the forest because of the many trees. This can happen in any part of your life, personal or professional. We evolve by meeting obstacles and in overcoming them, we become a better version of ourselves and will lead a more fulfilled live. It certainly happened at least [...]

Somato-PsyhoPedagogy Therapy

Somato-PsyhoPedagogy Therapy Soma-PsychoPedagogy Therapy is rooted in the sensitivity of the body, in touching and listening to it carefully in order to put into motion the innate healing capacity of the body. Your body becomes the place to learn and experience yourself, a doorway to the sensitive part in your own being, in order to [...]


Access Consciousness Bars ® Access Consciousness Bars® - accessing bars or bands, is a body activation that generates a dynamic change by touching 32 points on the head, which correlate with different aspects and bearings in life like: relationships, health, money, control, creativity, sexuality, aging, communication, realization and more. These points hold information about electromagnetic [...]


Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System (MTVSS) Out of those over 50 applications of Access consciousness®, MTVSS is by far the most dynamic and extensive. Access Consciousness works with energies which help the body to heal and to release what is not needed or helpful anymore. ​Negative thoughts and emotions create certain chemical reactions in the [...]

Theta Healing® Therapy

Theta Healing® Therapy Designed by Vianna Stibal, Theta Healing® is an energetic healing and balancing technique on all levels of our structure. The technique uses Theta brain waves that the therapist accesses through meditation to connect to the Creator and with the client's consent, new perspectives are accessed, blockages are released as much as possible [...]

Emotional Freedom Techniques with Bach Flower Remedies

Emotional Freedom Techniques with Bach Flower Remedies Where are you in your life right now? What is it that’s holding you down or even pulling you back? What is it you want exactly? And how would you feel if you got what you wanted now? You should know you’re the one making things happen in [...]

Kuia Limpia

Kuia Limpia Using an ancient shamanic technique, this delicate massage with sacred stones eliminates energetic blockages stored in the celular memory. The therapist lets him/herself be guided by the stones and leads you into a state of profound relaxation that brings physic and emotional healing. Kuia Limpia is a powerful process recommended when you feel [...]

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