Renting Rooms

In one of the best areas in town, Wayra Astre is an oasis of light and love. A spiritual hub for healing and personal development.

If you are an energetic therapist, psychotherapist, coach, masseuse, shamanic therapist, astrologer or if you need a place to hold your own workshops in small groups, Wayra Astrae could become your second home, your place to give and serve and teach.

Our doors are wide open to lease 3 rooms that are welcoming, energetically clean and suitable for:

  • hand-on therapy, massage, energetic therapy (or any other therapy that requires a massage bed)
  • psychotherapy, art therapy, coaching
  • small workshops for around 10 people.

If you feel that is your place to work, please call us for an appointment to visit and see for yourself

​0720 000 031

Str. Tehran, no. 17, ground floor, sector 1, Bucharest

Room for Psychotherapy, Art- Therapy, Coaching, Counseling

  • 30 lei/hour

Room for Energetic Therapies, Hands-On Therapies, Massage

  • room with a massage bed
  • 30 lei/hour

Room for Workshops, Presentations, Pop-Up Stores, small events, trainings

  • 1 day – 300 lei
  • 50 lei/hour

Ideal for workshops: max. 15 participants.

What we offer:

  • a space in the Aviatorilor area, (easy to reach by bus or underground,) welcoming and clean (also energetically cleaned)
  • drinking water, filter coffee and tea (honey and sugar)
  • projector, speakers, flipchart for workshops and trainings
  • available also weekends and evenings


​​The space should be left as clean as it is taken.

Renting will we done on basis of a contract and payment will be expected according to the stipulations of the contract.

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