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My name is Monika Puiu, I have founded Wayra Astrae to assist people in integrating spirituality in their daily life. I use my experience in coaching, shamanic ceremonies and therapies as well as karmic and experiential astrology. My passion is to guide people to step into their own power and lead a fulfilled life.

Experential Astrology, Shamanic Therapy and Life Coaching

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5 Years of experience

Wayra Astrae is a center for personal and spiritual development. We actively invite participants to our events, workshops and holistic therapies.
We really started End of April 2018 with an exceptional event of Experiential Astrology held by Judy Hall and I had the pleasure to assist her.

Therapists who work in Wayra Astrae have not only a good training but also an impressive experience in working with clients.

New service offered by Wayra Astrae – profiling for the corporate world!

At an intuitive and subconscious level everyone reads people all the time. The question is: do we trust our own gut feeling? How much do we acutally use and how accurate is it?
No matter the accuracy of one’s gut feeling and how much we trust it, now we have tools and a more scientific approach to understanding the abilities, drives, needs and style of a person.
Here we are deciphering the entire constitution of a person and how they adapt to different variables.
No matter the level, type or style of your business, they all involve people. The more you know about a present or future collaboration with a person, the better you can handle the connection.
Through Wayra-Astrae you can now get a consultation and an elaborate profiling report!

Upcoming Events

Weekly, Monday and Thursday, 9AM. Mini Yoga Class with Angela.

Yoga is a whole way of leading our life, a set of principles and behaviors that harmonize body, mind and spirit and bring them together into a whole.

Mini-group yoga classes

Every Monday at 8PM. Guided Meditation with Monika Puiu in English language on zoom.

Guided meditation is a powerful and effective way to induce positive states of well-being and learn how to cope with stress.

August – Don Pascual Apaza Flores comes to Wayra Astrae – stay tuned

September – Don Chino comes to Wayra Astrae – stay tuned

23.09.2023 – Sacred Fire Ceremony to celebrate the autumn equinox.

30.9.2023 and 1.10.2023 – Come with Monika to Glastonbury for a workshop with David Eastoe and his Petaltone essences.

October –  Back to Happiness, back to an Abundant Life – Retreat with Anna Semenova and Monika Puiu in Alanya, Turkey – stay tuned


For details and appointments, call or contact us by WhatsApp: 0720/000.031, via, or via

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Holistic Coaching Center

Our Mission is to empower people to find their truth and purpose in life - whether it is in mind, body, soul, spirit, career, life changes or life transitions!




OUR Services

Wayra Astrae provides different holistic therapies for everyone who wants to go beyond the physical pain, who wants to grow as a person, who is looking to understand the real reason 'Why you are here. Many physical and psychical disorders are the result of not expressing your real self or are a karmic learning process. This is not fated, you can work with the real reason behind physical or mental condition and apply help from the plant world and from the spiritual world.

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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every therapy we carry.


Ask your questions here and if it is relevant to many of our clients, we will answer it here!

Experiential astrology is standing in your chart and feeling the energies that you chose to come with into this life. The participants express what they feel in the body. Once the chart is laid out on the floor, the energy in the bodies is more important than the mind.

An astrologic reading by Monika Maria Puiu is her interpretation of your birth chart of our traditional western astrology, answering your question and explaining the guiding priciples of your present life.

Deep work and especially bringing balance in whatever is the subject you came for.

No more than twice a year. Our recommendation is once a year.

We are cutting toxic ties that no longer serve you. This will strengthen the cord of love for each other, even if you never see this person again. You will be free from old conditioning. So the answer is ‘no’ you cannot damage a relation, but you might end the relation if it does not fit anymore in your future life’s journey.

No more than once a month. The energies need to settle and you need time to integrate the learning.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower people to find their truth and purpose in life - whether it is in mind, body, soul, spirit, career, life changes or life transitions!

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