Coaching for Young People

First life challenges in our kids’ life are very much marked by the experiences and the expectations of the adults of the authority figues in their lives. The adults even if they don’t counsciountly want and often with their best intentions, load, put pressure, create stress where normally there could be courage, curiosity to discover, joy and determination that the children naturraly have inside of them.  As a mother, coach and therapist, I am in a position to support, guide and work together with young people starting with preadolescence, adolescence and even at the beginning of young adult life, to bring clarity in decisions, ease in learning and choices, as well as managing the situations and the key moments they face with calmness and efficiency. (eg preparation of and participation in exams, transitions to a new school cycle, overcoming some events that can produce unwanted consequences on the medium and long term)

Everything starts with an introduction and guidance session followed by individualized programs.


  • 210 Lei / meeting

​Aprox. Duration:

  • 50 min/ session

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For details and appointments please contact us on 0720 000 031 or on

Free of charge cancellation can be done up to 24 hours before the agreed rental time.

Cancelletaion with 24 hours before the agreed rental time will be charged with 50 % of the respective rent.

Wayra Astrae is home to complimentary therapies and personal development. For medical treatment and prescription drugs please consult a medical practitioner.

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