Osteopathy session

Osteopathy session

Osteopathy will treat you as a whole, not just the part that hurts. Each one of us is a highly complex system consisting not just of muscles, skeletal structures, internal organs, nervous structures and fascial tissue. Each part of us (including our psyche, mind, emotions) and even the environment where we live, are interdependent pieces of the whole. The correct functioning of each part ensures the proper functioning of the entire system, thus bringing about homeostasis, or, simply put: general well-being.

When the body is in balance, the body will heal itself – this is a core principle in osteopathy. When we are thrown out of balance by various stress factors, dysfunctions in the body may occur. The osteopath helps the body find its state of balance where healing can once again take place.

Techniques used during an osteopathy session may include:

* Spinal manipulation

* Articulation – movement/mobilisation of the joints

* Stretching of the muscles and joint capsules

* Muscle energy techniques

* Visceral manipulation

* Cranio-sacral approach

As these techniques vary in intensity from very mild to medium, they can be suitable for many age groups, from children to elderly, as well as for those with a medical condition.

An osteopath may encourage you to take responsibility for your own long-term wellbeing and may help you find out which lifestyle and environmental factors (such as poor posture, stress or the need for ergonomic furniture) affect your health. The range of treatments may also include individual exercise routines, relaxation techniques or body awareness practices.


  • 270 lei / session

Aprox Duration:

  • 60 – 75 minutes

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For details and appointments please contact us on 0720 000 031 or on contact@wayra-astrae.ro.

Free of charge cancellation can be done up to 24 hours before the agreed rental time.

Cancelletaion with 24 hours before the agreed rental time will be charged with 50 % of the respective rent.

Wayra Astrae is home to complimentary therapies and personal development. For medical treatment and prescription drugs please consult a medical practitioner.

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