Profiling Services

Consultation in human dynamics


  • Employing people in important positions
  • Knowing more about your opponent when conducting important business
  • When you want to associate with a new partner and want to discover the
    structure and dynamics of their constitution
  • Uncovering potential hidden motives or honesty of people you are dealing
  • Knowing who is sitting on the opposite side of the table in a negotiation and
    the most effective ways of approaching them

Creating an individual profile through the lens of human
physiognomy and behavioral language

We specialize in:

  •  Developing a report containing the inner, psychological and mental structure as
    well as the behavioral inclinations of the person investigated.
  • The analysis and evaluation of the person’s honesty and simulated behaviour,
    in any given context.
  • Utilizing the person’s profile for extrapolating possible approaches, stances and
    directions of action that can be used in a specific or general context.
  • Utilizing the person in question’s profile to extrapolate approaches, stances,
    styles and directions of action of the beneficiary of the information, with a view
    to obtaining specific, optimal results through interaction with the person in
  • Utilizing the person’s profile to formulate approaches, informational and
    behavioral content in order to create constructive, destructive or controlling
    cycles, relating to the respective person.
  • Utilizing the person’s profile to decipher the social and environmental
    circumstances that are conducive to obtaining the desired objectives.

Analysis and Evaluation of the overall Structure of an individual’s:

  •  Inner constitution: character; temperament; predispositions; inclinations;
    tendencies; patterns of thought; emotional patterns; general lifestyle patterns
  • Types of aptitudes
  • Types of attitudes
  • Analysis of how the individual relates to any specific context or life in general
  • Identification of the most functional approaches to optimize achieving specific
    results in a given context or general direction
  • Analysis of the level and ways the individual has integrated/internalized the
    experiences he/she has personally gone through up to the present moment.
  • Identification of the advantages and limitations of perception, management and
    action that the individual possesses

Behavioral Analysis and Evaluation:

  • Behavioral typologies
  • Verbal language and content used
  • Verbal language and content used
  • Analysis of simulated behaviour
  • Analysis of the utilization of influencing techniques
  • Micro expressions

We create a complete profile of an individual:

  • Multidimensional, free‐standing profile of an individual, containing the internal
    constitution of the person investigated, and the ways s/he relates and positions
    him/herself to the surrounding world.
  • Utilizing the profile in any context or scenario, present or future, with the scope
    of anticipating the approaches of the individual in question.
  • Utilizing the profile to prevent, manage, utilize or influence the characteristics
    that make up the individual, in a given scenario, context, interaction, for a
    specific or general goal.

Methods and Systems employed:

  •  Psychological Profiling
  • Criminal Profiling
  • FACS (Facial Action Coding System)
  • Methods of behavioral analysis and evaluation utilized by operatives of most
    intelligence services on a global scale
  • Chinese Miang Xiang system
  • Morphophysiognomy
  • Hamer Medicine
  • Physiognomy of Indian traditional medicine contained in the systems of
    Ayurveda and Yoga

Every case is unique and dependent on various factors.

This requires a customized approach, based on your circumstances, environment
and people involved.

Provide us with your indicators, and we will craft a specific offer for you.

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