Conscious Capitalism or Spiritual Entrepreneurship!

I do not intend to proof here that energy exists, that we are energy in the first place. That we are spiritual beings in the first place. This would be like trying to proof that our solar system exists. My question is, why and when did it become ‘unspeakable’. A few days ago I read the term ‘conscious capitalism’ is this not the same as ‘spiritual entrepreneurship’? While ‘conscious capitalism’ sounds really forward thinking, ‘spiritual entrepreneurship’ is considered naive rubbish to many...

Myth busting: I do not make money if I follow a spiritual path!

Spirituality is: - the respect for all there is - connect with all there is - let unconditional love flow between you and all there is - knowing that we are all energy - knowing that before anything else, we are an eternal soul being, that creates a body and a mind every time we come into a human form Spirituality is living according to natural law. Nowhere in all the above I can deduct that this cannot be money. Money is: - energy - what I give in exchange...

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