Frequently Asked Questions

Experiential astrology is standing in your chart and feeling the energies that you chose to come with into this life. The participants express what they feel in the body. Once the chart is laid out on the floor, the energy in the bodies is more important than the mind.

Mayan Astrology is a reading by Laura Dumitrescu, interpreting your birth signs of the mayan calender. The reading is about your energetichal structure, your project of life, what is the energy that grows you and your projects, what is the key to your success, and what is the product of your work.

An astrologic reading by Monika Maria Puiu is her interpretation of your birth chart of our traditional western astrology, answering your question and explaining the guiding priciples of your present life.

Deep work and especially bringing balance in whatever is the subject you came for.

No more than once a month. The energies need to settle and you need time to integrate the learning.

No more than twice a year. Our recommendation is once a year.

We are cutting toxic ties that no longer serve you. This will strengthen the cord of love for each other, even if you never see this person again. You will be free from old conditioning. So the answer is ‘no’ you cannot damage a relation, but you might end the relation if it does not fit anymore in your future life’s journey.