Jan 22 2022
22 January 2022

Experiential Astrtology Workshop January 2022

  • 09:00 AM
  • Wayra Astrae - Str. Teheran 17, Bucuresti;

What will you get out of this workshop:

If you have chosen to have the full experience and stand in your own chart as well as representing planetary energies, Monika will lay out your chart on the floor. The chart is spacious enough for you to enter the center and the other participants to take their places, representing the planets around you.

In the center of your chart you will experience the inner dynamics and working the chart like a constellation you will get insights from

  • your own sensing and intuition
  • those in the roles of the planteary positions around you
  • the interplanetary relations (conflictual or unbalanced or supportive)
  • the feedback of the participants that were in their roles in your chart
  • a direct dialogue with a planet or planetary position

Monika will guide this process with the target to unblock and clear the situations and events.

From all this process you can take with you:

  • clearing blockages in your ancestrial line that are accessible for you at this moment
  • a whole new perception about energies that are active right now in your life
  • new insights about old behavior and difficulties
  • re-connection with your own inner power
  • out-of-the-box responses from the planetary placeholders

You will also experience planetary roles and archtypes in the other 3 charts of the day.

There are only 4 places for the full chart experience.

Each personal chart takes about 1 hour, followed by about 30 minutes of feedback and break time.

If you have chosen to take on the role of one or more planets (sun, moon, chiron, lilith and moon-nodes), you will find yourself expressing your emotions, feeling your body and speaking your mind for every position and about the relation to the others present in the chart. All that happens there, will speak for you as well. In such a workshop, in such a constellation, no participant is there by chance or mistake. That group will do work together and every participants for him- and herself.

The roles will be chosen by drawing from a bowl and already drawing your roles, speaks to you and speaks about the experiences you chose for you during that Saturday. Being an active part in 4 charts will bring to the surface un-addressed subjects, fogotten treasures and gentle reminders of parts of yourself that desire to be lived.

What can you find out or learn about:

  • if you have blockages in certain areas of your life
  • about your own dinamics and energies through reflection with other planets
  • how you find inner balance, also by reflection and the influence of other planets
  • what challenges you and what is easy for you to do


From all these roles you will take with you:

  • knowing yourself a bit better, how you act and how you react
  • awareness of your own action or inaction
  • how much you are an inherent part of a community
  • You will feel alive and tired and happy after this day, knowing that you have done deep work and that you will feel the impact of this work in all areas of your life.

We have 6 places for planetary roles. Who wants and if the need might be, everyone will enter more than 1 role during each chart.

What do you need for this workshop:

  • be present and openminded – the more present and openminded you are, the more you will get out of this experience
  • be ready to express yourself, your emotions and your feeling at the time in such a way that you speak your truth but do not intend to harm someone else
  • you do not need to have special knowlege about astrology

We do not teach astrology during this workshop, we experience charts – founder of this astrological – shamanical therapy is Judy Hall, she was a great astrologer.


Facilitator: Monika Puiu

Monika Puiu was trained, instructed and mentored directly by Judy Hall

Find out more about Monika here: https://www.wayra-astrae.ro/monika-puiu or


This workshop will be held in english language.


Date: Ianuary 22, 2022, 9.00 – 19.00 hours

We will take a lunchbreak of  90 minutes and a short break after every chart.

Address: Str. Teheran 17, ground floor, Bucharest, Romania


4 places for charts

6 places for planetary roles



450 Lei for those who want to stand in their chart

210 Lei for the planetary roles

10 % Discount early bird until January 10, 2022