Feb 06 2023
6 February 2023

Shamanic Therapies with Don Chino (Februaru 6 – 16)

  • 09:00 AM
  • Wayra Astrae - Str. Teheran 17, Bucuresti;

Don Chino, Shaman Qero Pampamisayuq comes from PERU to Wayra Astrae Center for 10 days of private shamanic therapy.

💫 You have a rare opportunity to experience a deep energy cleansing! Come and feel an authentic Peruvian therapy, which has kept the same tradition for thousands of years.

💫The healing ritual brings balance where it is needed and restores the essential connection with 🌏 Mother Earth, which takes on heavy energy, while emitting purifying energy as an act of reciprocity.

💫 Don Chino is a Pampamisayoc from the Q’ero community in Peru. His connection with Mother Earth is not just a spiritual one. While not working as a healer, he works the land and digs vegetables and corn 🌽 with basic tools and his own hands.

💳 Price: 110 USD / session, payable in Lei or in USD
⏰ Duration: 1 hour

📞 Appointments are made by phone at: 0720 000 031 or contact@wayra-astrae.ro or https://wayra-astrae.ro/en/appointments/

Cancellation of the meeting less than 48 hours in advance is paid 100% in case you cannot find a replacement client for the session.

💫Wayra Astrae is home to complimentary therapies and personal development. For medical treatment and prescription drugs please consult a medical practitioner.