Dec 31 2022
31 December 2022

Breathwork and meditation


Starting with September 14, 2022 every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

Breathwork, conscious breathing, pranayama… there are many terms today that describe various manners of controlled breathing. The term Pranayama is derived from several Sanskrit roots: prana means “vital life force,” yama means “control” and ayama means “extension” or “expansion.” The breath is symbolic of life force, of prana, and pranayama may be understood as methods to extend and expand the vital life force energy through the conscious control of the breath. Each breathing related term has its roots and profound meanings.

What I have learned is that all and any exercise of breathing, performed with awareness, will benefit not only the physical body but will help with feeling better, healthier, and less stressed.

Breathwork combined with guided meditation are wonderful tools to relieve stress, anxiety, overwhelm, to help get better sleep, improve digestion and other body processes, restore a sense of balance in life and help overall healing.

Breathing tones the respiratory muscles, soothes or energises the nervous system (depending on the breathing techniques performed), balances hormones production, opens energy channels in the body, it is deeply connected to emotions and to our thinking.

Meditation increases awareness and observation capacities, it relaxes the “monkey mind” – the so called unsettled state of our minds, it helps achieve states of calm and serenity and teaches how we can be at ease in a world that is in opposition to this state.

Practicing breathwork and meditation, performing various breathing techniques, with various levels of profoundness of breath and of awareness is always a beautiful experience, it is a journey and a constant discovery, better yet, a redescovering of the deepness of being, a reminder of who we truly are and of what are the things that truly matter.

The class is open to all levels of practice, from beginner to advanced.

Every participant brings his/her own yoga mat, towel or other personal equipment.

Your contribution:

  • Breathwork and meditation session (75 minutes) – 120 Lei;
  • 480 lei/package of 5 consecutive sessions with frecvency 1/week.

Reserve your place latest until Monday midnight for next Wednesday via this site, phone, sms or WhatsApp. (Phone Angela: 0723348995)

This session is held if a minimum of 2 people register and it is for a maximum of 6 people

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About Angela Vasluianu

My name is Angela and I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (400h TTC) with over 8 years of practice experience. I have studied various styles of Yoga practice and love to mix and match classes to fit the energy of the practitioners. I also teach pilates and host meditation and breathing sessions, as well as coaching sessions (I can help if your quest is to find and transcend the limiting programs and beliefs you’ve acquired throughout your life).

I enthusiastically and curiously seek the balance between mind and body and aspire to achieve their harmonious development. I really enjoy meditation practices, as well as practices where the energy of the breath harmonizes with that of the physical body and of the mind. I am continuously growing, developing, learning and expanding my understanding of things 🥰

Currently I am undertaking a course where I learn to transcend my ego and limiting programs and beliefs; I learn to learn, develop, enjoy, live freely, autonomously, independently, I learn to be warm and authentic, to be at ease thoughout life; yes, this course is basically the living of life itself 😊

I look forward to seeing you at the studio, during classes! Let’s feel good and grow together! 🤗