Oct 13 2024
13 October 2024

Astro Constellation workshop and retreat in Ubud, Bali 13.10.2024 until 20.10.2024

  • Ubud, Bali

Join a self-discovery and healing journey an exotic environment. 7 days and 7 nights including a full moon. Ubud is the right place for yoga and energetic and spiritual work in Bali. We are going to have a week of exciting excursions, shopping and roaming the restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Ubud and deep transformative work in the Yoga Shala of Dragonfly Village, our home for the retreat.

Embark on a transformative journey into the cosmos and unlock the mysteries of your destiny at the Astro Constellation workshop in the enchanting surroundings of Ubud, Bali. Join us from October 13 to October 20 for an extraordinary astrological experience led by the renowned astrologer, shaman, and life coach, Monika Puiu.

!!! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty and spiritual energy of Ubud, Bali. Surrounded by lush landscapes and vibrant culture, Ubud provides the perfect backdrop for your celestial exploration and self-discovery.

Experiential Astrology as Judy Hall named it or Astro Constelletions as this work is known in the USA, is in the first place a re-connection with your own body. Learn to listen to your body and do not hesitate to believe what your body is saying.

Delve deep into the realms of astrology with Monika Puiu as she unveils the secrets of the stars and their influence on your life. Learn how the celestial bodies can guide you towards a path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Monika has guided small groups under the guidance of Judy Hall in her workshops in England and from 2018, after a workshop with Judy in Wayra Astrae, on her own in Romania.


This is what we are going to do:

13.10. Arrival in Bali airport and transfer to Ubud, Dragonfly Village, about 2 hours 30 minutes transfer time from the airport. People arriving during the day or a day or two before. Getting together, getting to know each other and enjoying a sauna to relax the traveling body. We have dinner together and have a first circle to formally introduce ourselves after dinner in the yoga shala.

14.10. Early breakfast and then we drive to the water temple for a profound cleansing and water blessing before we start working with our energies. After our return and late lunch will be time for a massage, a swim and at 4.30 pm we start with the first constellation. Everyone will draw their roles for the week and we also draw the order we are doing the constellation for every participant. Monday evening is silent sauna from 6 – 9 pm.

15.10. We have a light workout, meditation or yoga in the morning, have breakfast, lunch and dinner in Dragonfly Village and we will do 3 constellations.

16.10. 3 meals in Dragonfly Village, we do 2 constellations and use the rest of the day for visiting, sightseeing and shopping in and around Ubud. These visits are not organised, as Ubud center is in walking distance or you can use one of the many scooter taxies. Sauna is available from 8 – 10 am and from 6 – 9 pm

17.10. Full day visit of the stunning Sekumpul waterfalls. We have to do a bit of walking and quite some steps, but it is well worth it. Dragonfly will provide lunch and after coming home we might just rest or go out into town.

18.10. We have a light workout, meditation or yoga in the morning, have breakfast, lunch and dinner in Dragonfly Village and we will do 2 constellations.

19.10. We have a light workout, meditation or yoga in the morning, have breakfast, lunch and dinner in Dragonfly Village and we will do 2 constellations. Sauna is available from 6-9 pm

20.10. We have breakfast together and say good-bye during a session of integration and reflection in circle. Check-out is at noon and we leave to the airport or to other places in Bali at our own cost.

Every constellation is followed by a follow-up meeting in circle for body awareness, integration, sharing and reflection and a short break before entering the next constellation.

Your investment:

Includes 3 meals per full day from dinner on 13.10. until breakfast 20.10., accommodation in shared rooms/cottages or single occupancy, organised excursions to the water temple and the water falls, use of sauna and pool and the workshop.


1450 USD for shared room/cottage early bird until April 30, 2024

1750 USD for shared room/cottage after April 30, 2024

1715 USD for single use of a room/cottage early bird until April 30, 2024

2015 USD for single use of a room/cottage after April 30, 2024


40 % advance payment, not refundable but exchangable with another person, to safe your space

60 % latest until August 31, 2024


We have a maximum of 10 places for this retreat.

Who wants to remain in Bali at a beach or visit other places or one or more of the islands around might find good spots through our host in Dragonfly.


Find out more informations:

Dragon Fly Villagehttps://dragonfly-village.com

Monika Puiuhttps://monikapuiu.ro

Language– Romanian

Bank Account – Wayra Astrae SRL, IBAN: RO49BTRLRONCRT041907350

Contact –  contact@wayra-astrae.ro, Tel. 0720000031


Don’t miss the chance to align your life with the cosmic forces and embark on a journey towards personal fulfillment. Secure your spot now and join us for an unforgettable Astro Constellations Workshop in the heart of Bali. Let the stars guide you to Ubud for a week of self-discovery, healing, and celestial wisdom. We look forward to welcoming you to this magical experience in Bali! ✨🌙