In 2006, while I was participating in a professional training, I have received the information about a special movie, a self growth movie, “The Secret”.

It was the moment when I found out the answer to an old question that I had: “What is my purpose on this Earth?”.

Over the years I have received other unexpected and fascinating answers. My first knowledge, first contact with family constellations was in 2014 and since then my journey got a new and unexpected direction.

After years of constant presences to family constellations workshops, as a client, and handling many and very different challenges of  my daily life, I felt it was the time to take the next step towards training as family constellations facilitator.

My participation to this training strengthened my new vision of life, my new approach of every day challenges.

The training was done under the guidance of trainer Dragos Riti and having Barbara Morgan as guest trainer for ‘Interrupted movement to the mother’ module.

Working and studying with these two great people and teachers gave me new directions in life and they contributed decisively to my inner growth and the decision to facilitate such workshops myself.

In 2020, I finished the basic training and in 2021 I attended and I completed a cycle of supervision in family constellation, as they were developed by Bert Hellinger.

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