Coach & Therapist

Just like the seed has in itself all the potential for it’s becoming, she believes that we all have the capacity and the resources to self-regulate and grow so that we can live our lives in profound state of wellbeing.

Gabi accompanies you in your process to become more aware and deal with the obstacles that prevent you to fully live your life in harmony with who you are and with all that surrounds you.

She helps you to discover yourself beyond autopilot mode of living, to find your inner references and resources and navigate through the currents of your life.

She helps you to nourish and creatively manifest your own potential and projects of your life.

Gabi facilitates all this with warmth, softness. She makes you feel comfortable with yourself exactly as you are each moment.

Gabriela Apostol graduated Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and worked for 18 years in Human Resources field. Starting 2017 she specialized and works in management consultancy projects coaching, soma-psychopedagogy therapy and other alternative therapies.

My Therapies

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