My name is Daniela Olteanu and I am an energy medicine therapist, international practitioner of Access Bars®, Access Energetic Facelift ™, body processes Access Consciousness®, and personal development advisor.

I firmly believe that life is a precious gift, and can be lived to its full potential, with ease, joy, and glory! Glory representing the exuberant expression and abundance of life.

If you feel stuck in your own life, whatever that means, I invite you to walk together on the path towards the greatness that you truly are, but of which you are not yet aware, or do not acknowledge that you are.

Through the therapy sessions, a space is created in which you are not judged, but in which you are invited to be as you are; a space where you can feel free, observe yourself, see yourself, get to know each other and develop easily, becoming the best version of yourself.

What would it be like for YOU to be the inspiration for a greater possibility and for those around, through what you choose to do differently for your life,?

You are the source for creating the change you want!

All it takes is for you to make a different choice.

I will be here for you, to support you and empower you to know that you know, with the help of Access Consciousness® techniques and tools.

My Therapies

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