Corina Geanca

Corina Geanca

Coach & Terapeut

Empathic HUMAN, SOUL among souls, I have been given the light on my path, and managed to rise above all challenges and manage it in the most lucrative and easiest way in my life.

On understanding what I have to do and what I do very well, I now go on to light the road of confused, of tired and stressed people who are rejected and unloved, who can feel, can see, can hear and perceive themselves as resonating with my natural way of working.

I am a considerably persistent WOMAN, the loving mother of an angel and 2 wonderful princesses. I am a mother who, through her own experience, wishes herself to be a SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY AND FULFILLED WOMAN, an active part of her daughters’ lives.

A therapist and coach, Corina Geancă is this discreet person who, through her 14-year professional and personal experience, as assessed and reassessed, now brings therapy and coaching together, thus enjoying the success of her clients, which is illustrative of her skill, as well as acts as a commendation. I am but a soul like you, that’s learnt from life’s experiences, whether pleasant or less pleasant, losses of all kinds, and have refined myself for so long: *for my sake, for living the life I want how I want it, *to act as a model for my daughters, because, YES, we can! *and for your sake. Through coaching based on neuro-linguistic programming and emotional freedom techniques, we achieve detachment together, as well as the healing of programmes running in our conscious and subconscious minds, which act as limitations to what we can achieve, many times causing us to sabotage ourselves in our everyday lives.

Each and every one of us has unlimited potential.

Free yourself from what interferes with your actions and enjoy your greatest, most authentic results.

I would like for all these talents and skills I have developed throughout all these years to assist me in helping out, in inspiring and supporting as many women as possible, so that they can achieve the intended success levels, so that together we can make the world a better and nicer place, starting today. Starting with ourselves.

I have always identified myself as an empathic person and, like many of us, I too felt I had something to give to the world, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was.

I easily integrated myself in most environments, thanks to my ability to establish a deep connection with people, to “read” the person in front of me.

Ever since I was a child, I have found it natural to apply energy healing techniques, inviting the people I was talking with on various topics, who would easily end up revealing themselves to me, to join me in tapping to release the energy “burdens” they perceived either as lumps in their throats, or as heaviness in the chest or this big, painful pit in the stomach.

Hence, one thing led to another, and word got around that I can be of use, and more and more people started to ask for my help.

So, I started my academic pathway with he Integrative NLP® Professional Association (Asociația Profesională de NLP Integrativ®) and studied neuro-linguistic programming.

I went on to study and to practice NLP Coaching also as part of the Integrative NLP® Professional Association (Asociația Profesională de NLP Integrativ®), thus turning questions into answers.

I became a member of the John Maxwell Team Association, where I developed my coaching abilities.

I have studied and worked in Theta Healing by obtaining my certification so I can work as a Theta Healer Practitioner by the THETAHEALING®, THETAHEALER®, the THETA HEALING® and THInK/THETA HEALING® INSTITUTE OF KNOWLEDGE Training and treatment in the ThetaHealing® energy modality.

I carried on with numerous other studies in the energy field.

I went on to study energy healing in depth and then graduated from the Emotional Freedom Technique Classes at the EFT Matrix Reimprinting Academy Institute, Association of Meridian Therapies (AMT) Advanced Practitioners in England.

To further these techniques, I also attended and graduated from the Bach Flower Therapy practitioner classes and was awarded the diploma issued by The Bach Centre Institute in England.

Research, study and practice are currently carried out by bringing together the Bach Flower Remedy technique and energy healing, i.e., Bach Therapy and Chinese Medicine.

Generally, the Soul needs only be in agreement with its values and thus it can enjoy peace, self-esteem and love of self.

This is what I work with; in addition to the conscious and subconscious minds, I work with the soul, with emotion in its purest form.

I am happy and feel fulfilled to be able to bring forward what flows through me, and, thus, be useful to women in general, and to moms and entrepreneurs like myself, in particular.

My childhood vision was that I would be a people’s healer, but not a doctor – I’ve always been afraid of needles and injections, as I didn’t know in what way they helped, but only that they did-, and so, I always allowed myself freedom of expression. It all starts from within; it begins with you. You only have what you allow yourself to be! If you can relate to this, just let me know and I’ll try to be of use to you. You are worth it! I am here for you, I can see you, I can hear you. Just give me your hand and let’s get going!

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