My journey of self-discovery and profound transformation began in the spring of 2016, marking what I fondly refer to as my “awakening” to self-awareness and the unfolding understanding of my true essence.

Since then, my curiosity and passion have driven me to explore various methods for personal development, self-awareness, and inner transformation. Among the numerous techniques I’ve experimented with, I found a deep resonance with Theta Healing®, Recall Healing®, Art Therapy Phronetik®, Lightgrid Mandalas and Sedona Method®.

Since 2019 I sensed the calling to extend my knowledge and support others through individual or group therapies, seamlessly blending these proven techniques.

I firmly believe that the internal changes within oneself have a profound impact on the external world. Furthermore, I hold the conviction that true mastery is not just acquired but is a continual process of experiencing, integrating, and sharing insights, fostering growth both within myself and in those I encounter. In this shared journey of evolution, each life moment becomes an opportunity for transformation.

Anca Mariela Stefanescu is, within the Wayra Astrae Center:

  • Theta Healing® Practitioner
  • Phronetik® Art Therapist
  • Lightgrid Mandalas Facilitator
  • Personal Development Advisor
  • Combined arts worker

My Therapies

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