Tantra set for couples

Tantra set for couples

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250.00 lei

These beautiful essences are applied via evaporation into the aura during foreplay andlovemaking, enhancing subtle energies and the levels of sensitivity.Exploring subtle energies during lovemaking is one way to enter the exciting sensual world of tantra.

The dance of energies between lovers is exquisite and can be enhanced when plant energy essences are introduced. New levels of sensitivity mean more ecstatic moments. The physical levels of sexual interchange melt into a deeper and more satisfying realm. Physical climax becomes secondary to a feeling of continual orgasm which happens in the different chakras.

The plants lend us their subtle but powerful energies so we can delve more deeply and open up more fully. Past life experiences and soul contact are often enhanced. The effect is safe and gentle too, unlike drugs and stimulants has no side effects, other than a tendency towards being more deeply relaxed.

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1) Beauty:

Evaporate into solar plexus and heart chakras during foreplay. Enhances overall sensitivity, appreciation of beauty, and helps to calm the initial sexual impulse so that the energies may be allowed to rise to a higher level. This essence can also be applied via a neutral carrier oil as a massage.

2) Deep Spring:

Evaporate into sacral chakra before and during lovemaking. Assists heart contact, communication with higher self, and can sometimes bring awareness of past life connections Increases the depth of the experience. Can also be used to replenish depleted energy centres, before, during or after love.

3) Purple Valley

Evaporate into throat chakra during foreplay. Assists with receptivity, which is important for both partners in higher sex. Also assists transpersonal contact with the feminine (Goddess) and to derive wisdom from sexual experience.

4) Mountain Yang

Evaporate into heart chakra Boosts the Yang energies, assists contact with higher self, and opens the channels for these energies to flow into lovemaking. Can also be applied via a clean oil burner (use spring water) or via a cleansed crystal (evaporate into crystal): leave crystal near the bed.

5) Golden River

Use over whole Aura during foreplay. Fills aura with golden light. Assists with transmutation of lower emotions, soul union, and unconditional love. It also helps to dissolve ties with past partners and boosts both male and female aspects.

How to use it:

– place a few drops in your palms
– rub your hands
– apply via evaporation from the hands directly into the chakras or around your body (about 10 – 15 cm apart of the body), whatever feels right for you


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