How to start your spiritual journey

How to start your spiritual journey

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Are you ready to change your life?
Begin your spiritual journey of awakening NOW!

The spiritual journey is the process in which you reconnect with your Soul, find your authentic life purpose and embody your True Nature.

There are some signs that tell you to begin your journey of awakening now:

 You are lost in life;
 You are looking for a place that feels “home”;
 You don’t know your purpose, yet but deep down you feel that you have one;
 You feel that you have to discover your life mission;
 You experience strange feelings and different experiences;
 You don’t find yourself compatible with some of your values and past activities anymore;
 You experience feelings such as: depression, melancholy, life crisis, nostalgia.

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We offer you a life package for beginners which includes:

 1 Free Holistic Coaching Session;
 2 Samanic Therapy for energy balancing;
 1 Session of Tie Cutting;
 Assessment through Coaching;
 Identification of blockages & action plan.

Implementation: 2 months
After the program, I recommend: 1 Samanic Therapy monthly for 6 months.