Lightgrid Mandalas

Lightgrid Mandalas

Lightgrid mandalas are calculated based on Fibonacci sequence, which is the principle for evolution of everything that is organic on this planet.

“Lightgrid mandalas, based on the Fibonacci code, make up, through their geometric shapes, the language of Light, functioning as transmitters of information. Being ourselves carriers of the cosmic code (we are the microcosm in the macrocosm), mandalas activate this spiritual code in our DNA, which is our ancestral heritage.

Mandalas help us to find our true self. Their energies harmonize our energetic bodies, with beneficial effects on our physical body. Mandalas are the bridge between the higher dimensional planes, of refined substance, and the three-dimensional bodies.”

Ursula Irrgang (creator of Lightgrid Mandalas) 

Depending on their shape (number of sides), mandalas work either at the DNA level,  for healing,  for manifesting or connection with archetypal masters. The calculation method used allows us to work either in the “me with myself” or in the “me with others” relationship.

Lightgrid mandalas help balance the cerebral hemispheres, they connect to all levels of DNA and restore resonance with the divine order encoded in each cell, helping us in the process of awareness of the causes of our problems, gently dissolving blockages.

Lightgrid mandalas workshops are online, one a month, on Friday night.

Minimum number of participants: 3

Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 7 years old !


60 lei / online session (Early bird price)

90 lei / online session (7 days before the event)

Approximate duration: 

  • 3 hours

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